David Clarke is a fashion-focused photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Born in the wrong time period, he is hellbent on

keeping analogue photography alive by forgoing fillet mignon in order to buy film to keep in his fridge instead. He is no stranger to the

film process, having worked with many 35mm, medium format, and large format camera systems; a lot of his experience built while

studying in the far south-west of England where he graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelor of Art (Honours) in Fashion

Photography in 2015.


Back in his homeland nestled at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, he is living the coveted starving-artist lifestyle, hunting for fashion

and commercial photography work whilst realizing that when he looks back on this part of his life, he will come to the conclusion

that he truly lived a vibrant life.


He has a love affair with instant pack film, recently adding the crown jewel of Polaroid cameras – the 600SE, affectionately referred to as

the goose – to his collection, satiating his addiction to all things Polaroid (which even his dissertation was about).