Welcome to Clarke Photo.

That's just a moniker: my name is David Clarke.
I have called western Canada home for nearly my whole life. In March 2022 I changed that to pursue my dream, packing up my life and moving to London, UK.
If it's anyone's fault, it would be both my grandfathers – it's their fault that I first picked up a film camera. One of them was an avid photographer shooting on Graflex press cameras, the other gave me the old family Polaroid Auto 250 that was "just taking up space." Even my own parents can't escape blame; mom shooting with a Pentax K1000 and dad shooting with a Nikon FM2 that I borrowed long term while studying in Cornwall, UK. 
Now I can't put them down, growing my collection each passing year. The crown jewels of my collection, you ask? Polaroid 600SE ("The Goose"), and Mamiya 645AF.
It was likely the prevalence of European art work in my life growing up that lead to my affinity towards Baroque and Dutch Golden Age paintings, elements which I find myself gravitating to when I shoot. A little slice of Rembrandt lighting on the cheek? Divine. Warm tones and tenebrism? Captivating. It informs a lot of my work. 
Location-based shoots are where I excel, as they offer a real-world set for the stories I tell. And what better excuse for an adventure?​​​​​​​ That being said, I have a love affair with Yousuf Karsh, his photography the epitome of studio-lit portraiture. I enjoy the technical pursuit of studio lighting, so you shouldn't be surprised to find me filling all available space with lights and modifiers in the studio.

Please feel free to reach out to me on my contact page if you'd like to work with me.

Photograph: By Andrei 
because I want to support other creatives.
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